Stylish locations, unique experiences, an elegant historic centre and an extensive blue and green belt:  Mechelen has it all! The city is equidistance between Antwerp and Brussels, so very easy to reach. 

Tired of the standard meeting rooms? Mechelen offers a refreshing range of out-of-the-ordinary meeting places, from designer hotel or trendy loft in the thick of things to a tranquil escape or a mesmerizing view of the River Dyle. If you are looking for a specific or extra-special venue for your next conference, Meet in Mechelen will guide you through the portfolio.   


Surprise yourself

Mechelen boasts 14 centrally-located hotels, representing more than 600 bedrooms, and there are also attractive options on the green outskirts. So whether you prefer to sleep in a brewery or a former church or surrounded by nature, Meet in Mechelen will prove an adept match-maker!    


Too much for one day

Whatever the event you are planning, why not combine it with a novel team-building initiative or some other activity? How about climbing St Rumbold’s Tower or visiting the brewery, a game of city golf or a culinary walk? Contact Meet in Mechelen for free advice.   


No more dull meetings