Stylish locations, unique experiences, an elegant historic centre and an extensive blue and green belt:  Mechelen has it all! The city is equidistance between Antwerp and Brussels, so very easy to reach. 

Tired of the standard meeting rooms? Mechelen offers a refreshing range of out-of-the-ordinary meeting places, from designer hotel or trendy loft in the thick of things to a tranquil escape or a mesmerizing view of the River Dyle. If you are looking for a specific or extra-special venue for your next conference, Meet in Mechelen will guide you through the portfolio.   


Surprise yourself

Mechelen boasts 14 centrally-located hotels, representing more than 600 bedrooms, and there are also attractive options on the green outskirts. So whether you prefer to sleep in a brewery or a former church or surrounded by nature, Meet in Mechelen will prove an adept match-maker!    


Too much for one day

Whatever the event you are planning, why not combine it with a novel team-building initiative or some other activity? How about climbing St Rumbold’s Tower or visiting the brewery, a game of city golf or a culinary walk? Contact Meet in Mechelen for free advice.   


No more dull meetings

Meet in Mechelen & Visit Mechelen


For companies and organizations
Need help organizing your next conference, meeting or some other corporate event? You’ll find no more efficient a partner than convention bureau Meet in Mechelen! And the bureau’s advice is objective and free. This e-zine is packed with inspirational ideas. You can contact the Meet in Mechelen experts at this email address:


For groups
Planning an outing for your club, school or group? Mechelen has a programme of original activities designed specifically with groups in mind. View the complete range here. Specific questions? You can ask them at

Voor individuele bezoekers
You’ll find inspiration for your next outing with family and/or friends at Alternatively, feel free to pop into Visit Mechelen at the Schepenhuis (Alderman’s House) in the heart of the city.

For press and trade
Visit Mechelen helps journalists source stories and approach them from original angles. We are also happy to help tour operators put programmes together. Contact the press and trade team.
Contact team Press & Trade.

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