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Mechelen’s history is tied up with Burgundy. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the city was the capital of the Burgundian Netherlands and influential figures like Margaret of Austria and Emperor Charles V resided here.  In Belgium the word ‘Burgundian’ is used to refer to a penchant for an extravagant lifestyle, including indulgence in food, a characteristic that still runs in the blood of the people of Mechelen today!

The wind of change which blew through the city in the Burgundian period is still tangible, and not least in the brand-new Museum Hof van Busleyden, built as a palatial residence in the sixteenth century.

There's a Burgundian
in all of us!

Burgundian Mechelen



Hof van Busleyden

The taste
of Mechelen

Het Anker

Out and about
in the city

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